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India’s Global Brand Expands

By Swapan S. Nath
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The most obvious example of any company’s growth can be measured by how quickly it expands into the global market. Such is the case for the Welspun Group of India. This sprawling business was founded in 1985 and has a diverse portfolio, including manufacturing, exports and domestic sales of towels, bathrobes, specialty polyester yarns, cotton yarns, pipes and pipe coatings.

Of particular interest to those in the cotton industry are the activities of the Welspun India Limited Company, which is the flagship among the top five manufacturer exporters of towels outside the Americas and the largest in Asia.

The company’s growth has vaulted it into the top three terry towel manufacturers in the world. A commitment to quality and a consistent business model for sustained growth are unquestionably part of the reason for  Welspun’s success.

The company’s facilities are located in India (Anjar and Vapi at Gujarat), Mexico, Portugal and the United Kingdom.

When it comes to home textile products, attraction and quality parameters equally contribute to the customers’ requirements. Those factors include attractive colors, designs, design clarity, hand feel, bulkiness, absorbency, as well as other attributes, such as anti-microbial, anti-crease, flexi-fit and quick dry. If the company isn’t attentive to all of these parameters, the customer will not be attracted to the products.

Quality is the common denominator for all  products that Welspun delivers to its global consumer base. For instance, the company always checks for neps to avoid any breakage in cotton yarn production.

Value of Quality Control

As important as High Volume Instrument (HVI) measurements are in assessing cotton quality, Welspun also uses an AFIS machine to measure factors not measured by HVI.

This includes checking for neps, maturity, fabric appearance, dyeability and levels of color matching.

Any discussion about quality must also include how control systems maintain these  levels throughout manufacturing. At Welspun,  numerous steps exist along the way, such as the AQL 2.5 checking system. The cotton must pass this test to move to the next stop.

While Welspun relies on a reliable source of cotton in India, it does purchase from other sources, and that is why Certified FiberMax continues to be a good choice. For all the reasons stated earlier about quality parameters, this cotton continues to perform consistently and is an excellent choice for mills in India.

As Welspun looks to the future, it is reassuring to know that many important relationships with global partners are in place

Company Objectives
Quick Look At Welspun Group:
• Global leader in towel manufacturing.
• Partners with Wal-Mart and Target.
• Company founded in 1985.
• Strong ties with 50 countries.
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