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Information for U.S. cotton leaders about Cotton Incorporated from the Cotton Board
July 2013

A cotton plant’s unpredictable growth habit is complex compared to most major row crops, which makes plant growth regulators, or PGRs, a very useful management tool for cotton producers. In this month’s free Focus on Cotton webcast, published courtesy of Cotton Incorporated and the Plant Management Network, Dr. Guy Collins, Extension Cotton Agronomist at the University of Georgia, discusses the basics of plant growth regulator use in cotton crop management. Collins helps consultants, county agents, growers, and other practitioners in the Cotton Belt identify: How plant growth regulators modify plant growth; Why growth regulators are used and How to identify plant growth characteristics or situations in which growth regulator applications may be needed or not needed. By the end of this presentation, listeners should know more about the general use of plant growth regulators and how to utilize them to achieve optimal cotton yields. To view the free webcast please visit, The second Focus on Cotton webcast, from Dr. Tom Barber, State Extension Specialist at the University of Arkansas, discusses the management of irrigated cotton for maximum profit. This presentation will help consultants, county agents, growers, and other practitioners in the Southern U.S. cotton-producing states to understand more about proper irrigation techniques, timings and management potential to increase cotton productivity and profitability. In recent years, irrigation has become an increasingly important factor in the profitability of producing a cotton crop. Specifically in this presentation, producers will hear about critical stages to initiate irrigation and reduce stress, scheduling subsequent timings, irrigation termination, plant growth regulator management with irrigated cotton and timely irrigation to activate residual herbicides and improve uptake of soil nutrients. By the end of this presentation, producers should know how to maximize cotton yields through timely irrigation management.


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