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Reporting from the North Delta is James Bowen, Boyle
8/16/13 - Rice is about 50% drained. Stink bugs have been way above threshold. Every field has been treated so far. Starting to see some leaf blast in the Rex. Stratego is normally better on this disease. But a higher rate of Quilt will also work.

Soybeans range from R2 (wheat beans) to about the R6 to R7 stage. Most of the irrigated fields look really good, and some of the dry land in the areas that have been lucky enough to get the timely rain. This should be another good year for soybean yields. Finding a few bollworms in certain areas and in beans in the R4 to early R5 stages. Stink bugs have not been a problem so far. Treated just a few fields. I’m enjoying these cool temperatures and I’m sure the crops are too. [...]

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