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November 27, 2013

COTTON USA Sponsors Taiwan’s Golden Bell Awards

Cotton Council International’s (CCI) sponsorship of the Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan publicized COTTON USA to an audience of more than 15.4 million while netting a 1,700 percent return on investment. Celebrity Mr. Kingone Wang represented COTTON USA at the Golden Bell Awards, an annual Taiwanese award show similar to the Emmy Awards.

A COTTON USA TV commercial ran 536 times in two weeks during the commercial breaks of the award show broadcast. Viewers also saw the COTTON USA Mark prominently featured on five COTTON USA Mark banners on the red carpet.

The sponsorship has already generated a media value of approximately $578,000 for COTTON USA.

Cotton LEADS™ Reaches German Consumers

Interviews between German media outlets and CCI Executive Director Kevin Latner in Dusseldorf, Germany, about the Cotton LEADS™ program and responsible cotton fiber production will reach at least 10 million consumers in Germany via radio.

This publicity complements the German multichannel Cotton LEADS launch in October 2013 that has already generated 96.04 million consumer impressions via 51 online publications, as well as an earned advertising value of $74,200.

In one-on-one interviews, Latner explained the need for Cotton LEADS in the global textile and apparel supply chain to support manufacturers, brands and retailers in their responsible and transparent fiber sourcing. The Australian and U.S. cotton industries launched Cotton LEADS to promote awareness of their responsible cotton production practices.


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