Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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LDAF Volunteer Fire Assistance Program Underway 


The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (LDAF) is now accepting applications for the 2014 Volunteer Fire Assistance Program (VFA). 

"This program is invaluable to many small and rural volunteer fire departments with limited resources to pay for training and to purchase equipment necessary to prepare and equip fire crews for fire suppression," Agriculture and Forestry Commissioner Mike Strain, D.V.M., said. 

The VFA program is funded through the U.S. Forest Service and administered by the LDAF on a 50/50 cost share basis to qualifying fire departments to be used to organize, train and equip the crews for the prevention and suppression of fires. 

Eligibility requirements:   

  Any fire department that is based in a community with a population of 10,000 or less (latest census) is eligible to apply for funding under the VFA program.   

  Departments serving a population greater than 10,000 are eligible to apply if the department is a "multi-community" department, providing no single community served has a population greater than 10,000. A department or fire district is considered to be "multi-community" if within the official area served there exists two or more recognized communities, each of which must contribute financial support toward, and combine other resources for the operation of a single department serving all of the communities involved.  

  A single community fire department serving a population greater than 10,000 and NOT providing protection to a rural community is not eligible for VFA financial assistance. 

  Fire departments must be National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant. NIMS compliance information can be found at 

Applications and additional information about the grant is available at deadline to apply for the grant is July 1, 2014



Increased Global Milk Demand Impacting Prices


Bloomberg reports milk futures have jumped to an all-time high as U.S. dairy exports have reduced domestic supplies. The U.S. Dairy Export Council's latest data shows a 19-percent increase of milk powder, cheese, butterfat and whey shipped in January from last year. The Council says almost 15-percent of milk production went to exported goods - which is a 12-percent increase from last year - while cheese shipments increased 46-percent. The California drought plays a role in the increased global demand for U.S. dairy prices. This year alone - milk prices have increased 21-percent. Rice Dairy LLC Risk Management Adviser Aishwarya Deep Govil told Bloomberg exports of cheese and dry milk products have been strong - and demand has been stronger than the increase in milk production.  



Celebrate Soybean Farmers' Commitment to Sustainability on Ag Day


National Agriculture Day is fast approaching. March 25th represents a day to celebrate American farmers and their commitment to the land they farm and the people who use the food, feed, fuel and fiber American farmers produce. U.S. soybean farmers aren't just raising a crop for economic gain - according to soy checkoff farmer-leader Nancy Kavazanjian. Like all American farmers - Kavazanjian says soybean farmers care for their land and are in it for the long term to pass it down to their children and make the land better. In recent years - U.S. soybean farmers have become more efficient in growing their crops and increasing yields while decreasing their environmental footprint. More than 95-percent of U.S. soybean farmers participate in farm programs administered by USDA - and through sustainable-farming practices - they have decreased energy use and greenhouse gas emissions by more than 45-percent since 1980 while increasing irrigation efficiency by more than 40-percent. 



Tuesday's   Closing Market Prices


Nov  Soybeans                  1184.4 up 8.6

Dec Cotton                         8024 up 24

North & South

   Delta Cotton                    8968 up 90

Sept  Corn                          487.6 up 5.6

Sept   Rice                          1425 down 2.5

Sept  Wheat                        702.6 up 16.4

#16 Sugar May                    1714 up 9

April Live Cattle                   145-60 up 57.5

April Feeder Cattle              176-90 down 107.5

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