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Cotton Incorporated, PMN Launch Webcast on Cotton Production in Short Season, Dryland Environments‏

November 5, 2013

Short season production is often the only viable option in many parts of the Cotton Belt. Understanding the best production practices is vital to maximizing yield in these areas.

Through the latest ‘Focus on Cotton’ webcast, titled "Producing Cotton in Short-Season Dryland Environments," Dr. Keith Edmisten, Cotton Extension Specialist at North Carolina State University, helps consultants, growers and other practitioners in the southeastern U.S. get the most out of their acres in these environments.

Dr. Edmisten discusses four key items in his talk:

  • Locations where short season environments are most likely to occur.
  • Varieties and the compromise between earliness and drought tolerance.
  • Decisions made at or near planting and their effect on the ability of the crop to mature in a short season environment.
  • The impact of growth regulators and defoliation management on maturity.

This Focus on Cotton presentation and others are published courtesy of Cotton Incorporated and the Plant Management Network.

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