Message From Tony Williams

Mother Nature has a way of making you humble after three years of drought. I am looking forward to her rewarding us as we approach this planting season. My hope is that we can return to the crops we started making 10 years ago. Do you remember the crop of 2004? It broke the Texas production record that had stood since 1949. That year, we ginned more than 7.6 million bales in Texas, and we were all saying this was the crop of a lifetime. Most of us felt as if we would not see another one like that anytime soon. Yet we set the all-time record the next year in 2005 and exceeded the 2004 crop again in 2007 and 2010. We can do it again, if Mother Nature will allow us.

The theme for this year’s show is “TCGA…Taking a Stand in Texas,” and it is exactly what we hope to do as we approach planting season in 2014. Chances are good that cotton acreage will be up in Texas; the boll weevil is confined to the Lower Rio Grande Valley; and today’s seed varieties have proven they can produce good yields when given a chance. So, with Mother Nature’s blessing in the form of rain, we can make a stand of cotton that will be bountiful for all segments of our industry.

It is my pleasure to welcome all of you to the 107th Annual Meeting and Cotton Trade Show of the Texas Cotton Ginners’ Association. The officers, executive committee, board of directors and staff hope you enjoy the show. Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you while you are attending our event.

The TCGA show is the best chance you will get to see the latest cotton ginning innovations and technologies. There are some pretty amazing tools that are now available to ginners to assist them in doing their job, such as automated bagging machines, monitoring your gin using your smartphone and using real-time data to do a better job of processing cotton. These tools are advanced technology, which can lead to improved efficiency, reduced cost and better profitability. Texas-based companies lead in the development of many of these new technologies for the ginning industry, and most all of them will be at our show ready to inform you of what they can do for your operation. I challenge you to make the most of this opportunity by attending our event and visiting the booths to see what they offer. Our exhibitors incur significant expense and time to bring their products and services to our show, so be sure to show your support by paying them a visit.

Let’s all Take a Stand in Texas for a bountiful cotton crop in 2014, including YOU Mother Nature.

Welcome to Lubbock.


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