Ginner of the Year‏

Jeff Turner

• CEO, General Manager of Glasscock County Co-op Gin in Garden City, Texas
• Native of Thorndale, Texas
• Lives in St. Lawrence, Texas
• Grandparents and parents involved in farming
• Has spent more than 30years in ginning industry
• Married to wife Sandy

When Jeff Turner first heard that he was being honored as TCGA’s Ginner of the Year, he was quite surprised. The board members of the Glasscock County Co-op Gin had dropped by his office to give him the good news. But, when they filed into his office, Turner didn’t know what to expect.

”I honestly didn’t know what to say,” Turner recalls with a laugh. “These guys really shocked me. It’s just a great honor to receive one of the most prestigious awards for a Texas ginner.”

It was an interesting career path for Turner, who was born in Thorndale, Texas, and currently resides in Garden City, Texas. When he graduated from high school, he wanted to work for a year and save his money. The ultimate goal was to become a surgeon. But an interesting event occurred during that year. The local grain co-op’s manager resigned, and the owners called on Turner to fill in temporarily – mainly because he “had an idea of what was needed in the job.”

That opportunity turned into an entrance into the grain and cotton business that has lasted more than 32 years. Suffice it to say, Turner didn’t make it to medical school to pursue a career as a surgeon.

Along the way, he has worked at many co-op cotton/grain companies as well as being involved in computer software and ownership of a recreational business. He studied at Kennedy-Western University and is a graduate of the United States Coast Guard Sea School and is a Master Captain in the United States Merchant Marines.

Turner was chief executive officer and general manager of the Willacy Co-op Gin in Raymondville, Texas, from 1998 until 2007. Currently, he is CEO and general manager at the Glasscock County Co-op Gin.

“I love what I do,” he says. “I get up every morning and enjoy going to work, and I think all of the people I work with are the same way. This is a unique industry that is competitive, but, at the same time, it is a brotherhood.”

Turner knows that his competitors would do anything to help him if he asked – and vice versa. That is why he is glad to be part of the cotton ginning family in Texas and is so committed to making his gin as efficient as possible.

But the veteran ginner also knows that his success wouldn’t be possible without the support he receives from employees at the gin. He believes this award should be shared with them.

“I can promise you that I wouldn’t be talking about this award if it weren’t for them,” he says. “They are some of the finest people you could find anywhere. I know they have the same passion about cotton.”

It will be a special night in Lubbock at the TCGA awards dinner on April 4. Turner and his wife Sandy and many of his employees will be there to savor a very special moment.

“I just hope I can sit there and talk to the previous winners of this award and be considered a respected ginner,” he says. “It will be a great evening that we won’t forget.”

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