Webcasts Will Aid Planting Decisions

As planting dates get closer, producers often think of two things: picking the best varieties and ensuring they mature safely through the growing season. Two new webcasts from “Focus on Cotton,” a joint publication project between Cotton Incorporated and the Plant Management Network, offer information and tips that help producers do just that:

• “Cotton Variety Selection” by Mike Jones, associate professor and cotton Extension specialist in South Caro-lina, takes viewers through the increasingly complex choices that producers face today when choosing new varieties.

While new transgenic “value added” traits may give farmers the edge in some ways, they are not always a better choice than tried and true varieties with high yield potential. This presentation will help consultants, producers and others in the cotton industry make inform-
ed decisions on selecting the best variety for their situation.

• “Cotton Nematode Management in the South” by John D. Mueller, professor of plant pathology and director of the Edisto Research and Education Center at Clemson University, helps producers control this particularly damaging class of pest that is nearly impossible to eradicate completely. It collectively cost $3 billion in damages worldwide last year.

This presentation will help consultants, producers and other practitioners scout and manage the various cotton nematode species found in the southern United States. In particular, feeding habits, damage symptoms and the best management tools for each nematode species are discussed.

These informative “Focus on Cotton” presentations and others are published courtesy of Cotton Incorporated and the Plant Management Network. View these and other “Focus on Cotton” talks at: http://plantmanagementnetwork.org/foco.

The Cotton Board, which administers the Cotton Incorporated Research and Promotion Program, contributed information for this article.

Cotton Board Seeks Denim Contributions At Gin Show

The Cotton Board will again be hosting a booth at the 2014 Mid-South Farm and Gin Show on Feb. 28-March 1 at the Cook Convention Center in Memphis, Tenn.

Cotton Board representatives are seeking used denim from all attendees at the show. The organization is conducting a “Blue Jeans Go Green” denim drive where each contribution earns a chance to win a $300 gift certificate from Cabela’s.

For more information, contact the Cotton Board office in Memphis, Tenn., at (901) 683-2500.


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