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Study Reveals Benefits Of
Cotton Incorporated Program

An in-depth, independent economic effectiveness study of the Cotton Research and Promotion Program (the Program) concluded that the Program generates a positive return for U.S. cotton producers and importers of cotton products. The study also concluded that the Program generates benefits for U.S. taxpayers as well.

According to the peer-reviewed economic analysis conducted by Forecast-ing and Business Analytics, LLC, the Cotton Research and Promotion Program has generated the following positive economic returns:

• U.S. cotton farm prices averaged 5.4 cents per pound higher;

• U.S. cotton production averaged 500,000 bales higher;

• Annual world consumer demand for cotton was higher by 2 million bales per year;

• U.S. mill consumption of cotton was 1.2 million bales higher than it would have been without the program; and

• U.S. importers of cotton products increased profits by an average of $900 million per year.

In December 2010, the Cotton Board contracted with Forecasting & Business Analytics, LLC, a firm that has significant experience in analyzing checkoff programs. The researchers reported preliminary findings to the Cotton Board during its March 2011 meeting.

Syngenta Receives Registration
For CruiserMaxx Seed Treatment

Syngenta has announced the Environmental Protection Agency registration of CruiserMaxx Advanced insecticide-fungicide seed treatment for use on soybeans.

CruiserMaxx Advanced joins the CruiserMaxx Beans brand family as a new formulation and offers the same benefits as CruiserMaxx Plus insecticide/fungicide seed treatment with an additional technology that delivers improved application characteristics with less sticking and bridging of wet seed.

CruiserMaxx Beans insecticide-fungicide seed treatment combination provides protection against a broad spectrum of both soil-dwelling and foliar-feeding insect pests, as well as all major seedborne and soilborne disease pathogens for increased vigor, stand, speed to canopy and yield potential.

For information, interested parties should visit

Case IH Launches
Advanced Farming Systems

The introduction of AFS Connect telematics in the Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) lineup represents the beginning of a new era in equipment technology. Telematics technology provides producers with the opportunity for increased return on investment through a line of products that will continue to expand and grow.

Two new Case IH telematics programs – AFS Connect Manager and AFS Connect Executive – will be available through Case IH dealerships next spring. AFS Connect Manager will offer fleet management capabilities, localization of machines, a working status overview and alerts and security features.

For additional information, visit

MANA Includes Three Herbicides
In Roundup Ready Plus Program

MANA Crop Protection has ann-ounced that three herbicides in its cotton portfolio – Cotoran, Cotton Pro and Direx4L – will be included for producer incentives under the 2012 Roundup Ready PLUS Weed Management Solutions program.

Cotton producers across the Delta and Southeast who use one or more of these residual herbicides will receive a $12 per gallon incentive when used according to Roundup Ready PLUS guidelines.

BASF Offers Opportunities
To Manage Risk, Increase Yields

BASF Crop Protection has ann-ounced several 2012 offers and partnerships to help producers get the most out of every acre. Together, these offers provide opportunities to manage risk and maximize yields.

These initiatives include offering partial purchase price rebates in the event of certain commodity price fluctuations – Investment Advantage; a newly expanded Headline Advantage offer; an interest-free financing tool – Finance Advantage; and a partnership to save on crop insurance premiums – Insurance Advantage.

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