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N. Y. Denim Show Promotes Fiber Quality

By Bob Antoshak
Managing Director
Olah Incorporated
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Value Of Retail Promotion
Jeff SilbermanAs the exclusive licensee for FiberMax and Stoneville cotton in the finished garment business, Olah, Inc., is fortunate to work with Bayer CropScience in promoting these brands to the textile and fashion industries around the world. In fact, thanks to this promotion, we have had the opportunity to interact with dozens of branded apparel and retailing firms regarding the importance of using quality cotton in their products.

Exchanging Information
To help address the issues affecting the cotton market and how those issues impact the fashion industry, Olah, Inc., as part of the Kingpins Denim Show in New York, hosted a cotton seminar attended by more than 100 major apparel companies. The topics of the seminar, which was held in a roundtable format, ranged from the health of the current domestic and international cotton crop to when apparel brands can expect to see their fabric costs dip to reflect the current drop in the price of raw cotton.

Speakers Address Issues
The event was highlighted by some heavyweight speakers from the broader cotton textile apparel industry, including Jeff Silberman, Fashion Institute of Technology; Dr. O.A. Cleveland, professor emeritus, Mississippi State University; Monty Christian, vice president of U.S. cotton operations, seed and fiber technology, Bayer CropScience; Kater Hake, vice president, agricultural research, Cotton Inc.; Steve Newsom, FiberMax cotton farmer; and Cliff Bingham, FiberMax and organic cotton farmer.

Positive Results
Textile mills demand quality cotton because running better cotton not only saves mills money in spinning efficiency but also helps them meet the requirements of their customers. You can view the New York event at or on Facebook at

From Fiber To Fabric


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