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CF Web Site Has A New Look

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The next time you go to, you will probably be surprised at how the Cotton Farming Web site looks. After several months of design work and research by our Web manager, Lori Hemphill, we’re excited to launch this new site, which has several different features.

First, the site has a completely different look, and we think that it is a plus. Second, current stories and content archives are easier to recognize and navigate. Third, we’ve added an Editor’s Blog as well as timely features such as Twitter and Flickr, which give us the opportunity to be even more connected with all of our readers.

In a world that is sometimes overwhelmed by social networking, an outsider might wonder how a cotton magazine can fit into such an environment. However, viewed from another angle, it’s either continue to stay connected to readers in as many ways as possible...or get left behind. This is today’s new world.

Expansion Of Content

We’ve also configured the Web site so that we can share photos from various industry events, and, eventually, we’ll have the ability for podcasts and streaming video.

Some might question why we didn’t do this earlier. And there’s a good explanation for that. We wanted to make sure we implemented programs and updated the site in a way that fit our magazine’s mission statement and philosophy for interacting with our readers. We didn’t want to rush into this and did extensive research on what our site should look like.

We don’t pretend to be a daily newspaper that unleashes huge volumes of information every day. We simply want to have the capability of delivering our commentary and content in a way that fits our strategy.

Our mission statement continues to be “Profitable Production Strategies,” and we haven’t deserted that philosophy. As a matter of fact, we think this upgraded Web site enhances our ability to deliver information in a diverse and quicker way.

We will continue to have Agfax’s timely reports on the home page of the site. This is a valuable tool for gaining  production information from several regions of the Belt.

If you live in Mississippi, you’ll continue to hear Cotton Farming Editor Tommy Horton’s weekly radio reports on the Mississippi Agri-News Network, which encompasses more than 50 stations. Most of his reports deal with stories appearing in Cotton Farming.

You can learn more about the Mississippi Network by going to its link on our site. Eventually, we’ll have Tommy’s reports plugged into the site so that you can actually listen to them.

Reader Feedback Important

The Cotton Farming Web site isn’t the only One Grower Publishing magazine to undergo an upgrade. Our sister publications, Rice Farming and Peanut Grower, also have new and attractive looks on their sites. Be sure and check them out by looking for their hot links on the Cotton Farming site.

Wherever our editors are, they’ll be communicating with readers in a timely and interactive way.

Our main request? Let us hear from you. Your feedback is important and is what makes us better.

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