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Special Campaign Brings Consumers
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When Cotton Incorporated designs a consumer- directed promotion, its usual targeted audience is women 18 to 34 years of age.

“This segment of women is going through important life stages that makes it highly influential in the purchase decision process,” says Paula Rosario, vice president of consumer marketing and strategic alliances at Cotton Incorporated.

With so many fiber apparel options at retail, Cotton Incorporated has created an interactive promotion utilizing ‘experiential marketing’ that will be implemented at 15 malls all across the United States. The mall program will literally bring cotton’s television and print ad campaign to life at point-of-sale.

When mall visitors arrive, they will find large scale, non-traditional sign-age and a large interactive pod that features images of the three recording artists who were chosen to interpret, compose and record their own versions of The Fabric of Our Lives theme song: Zooey Deschanel, Miranda Lambert and Jazmine Sullivan.

Visiting The Pod

The pod is comprised of two sides that swing open. One side enables mall visitors to take a peek into a life size closet and find some of the stylish cotton clothes inspired by the artists’ wardrobes. All of the clothing in the closet is available for sale.

On the other side, mall patrons can sit in an actual recording booth, submit a statement about why they love their cotton clothes and record their own versions of the cotton theme song.

“Once their recording is complete, they can e-mail it to five of their friends and also sign up for program-related text messages to periodically come straight to their cell phones,” says Rosario.

The music videos will be entered into “The Fabric of My Life Song Contest” where five finalists will be chosen. The top vote-getter wins a trip to New York.

Increasing Awareness

The overall goal of the program is to heighten awareness of cotton and cotton apparel before consumers ever walk into one of the mall retailers.

“We’re using this interactive installation to actually drive consumers to specific stores by showcasing cotton apparel with oversized hang tags labeled with store names and fiber content,” says Rosario.

The entire event is being supported via radio, e-blasts and on-line information at TheFabricOfOurLives.com – including a complete list of all of the participating malls.

The Cotton Board, which administers the Cotton Research and Promotion Program conducted by Cotton Incorporated, contributed information for this article.


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