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Consultantsí Conference Returns

By Carroll Smith
Senior Writer

For the third year in a row, the National Cotton Council (NCC) will host the Cotton Consultants’ Conference on Jan. 4, the first day of the 2010 Beltwide Cotton Conferences, in New Orleans, La. The meeting will begin at 1 p.m. and wrap up at 5:00.

The first topic on the agenda will address the impact, including benefits and challenges, of spring burndown herbicide programs on insects, weeds and diseases. Dr. Gus Lorenz, University of Arkansas Extension entomologist, will discuss insects; Dr. Larry Steckel, University of Tennessee Extension weed specialist, will comment on weed pests; and LSU AgCenter plant pathologist Boyd Padgett’s remarks will relate to diseases.

Dr. Bob Kemerait, University of Georgia Extension plant pathologist, also will discuss cotton diseases – seedling and foliar – and new products that are available to combat them. Of particular interest is cercospora leaf spot, a new cotton disease that is challenging producers in Georgia.

In the insect arena, LSU AgCenter entomologist Dr. Roger Leonard will discuss new products – labeled/not yet labeled – and resistance management.

The featured speaker at the conference is Dr. J.R. Bradley, research entomologist at North Carolina State University. His remarks are centered on the topic “After It’s All Said and Done.” And during the latter part of the afternoon, several representatives from industry, consultants and a producer will tackle the subject “The Impact of Technology on Consultants.”

Good Reasons To Attend

In addition to the presentations, a survey of those attending the conference will be conducted through the use of “clickers,” or remote personal response systems. Although the responses are anonymous in that the person’s name is not recorded, the clickers can be set up to register the respondent as a consultant, Extension personnel, industry, etc. and identify the person’s region or state.

A summary of the survey will be available at the close of the meeting.

Although many consultants are actively involved with their state agricultural consultant organizations and have a myriad of other meetings from which to choose, Bill Robertson, NCC coordinator of the Beltwide Cotton Conferences, encourages members of this sector to make a concerted effort to attend the Jan. 4 event.

“The NCC Cotton Consultants’ Conference provides an opportunity for professional development and a venue for consultants from across the Belt to get together and share ideas and experiences,” Robertson says. “Also, more in-depth information is presented during this meeting to help meet the needs of the cotton consultant.”

The NCC Cotton Consultants’ Conference and the 2010 Beltwide Cotton Conferences will be held Jan. 4-7 at the New Orleans Marriott Hotel and the Sheraton New Orleans Hotel. Visit www.beltwide.cotton.org.

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