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MANA Ready To Unveil New Herbicide In '09
MANA Crop Protection will introduce Pyrimax 3.2SL cotton herbicide for the 2009 season to provide broad-spectrum control of tough weeds, including those resistant to glyphosate.

“Pyrimax can be used pre- or post-emergence, offering over-the-top application flexibility,” says Dave Downing, senior marketing manager for MANA. “Pyrimax herbicide contains pyrithiobac-sodium, the same active ingredient in Staple herbicide and is the preferred tankmix partner for MANA’s Cotoran 4L herbicide.”

Pyrimax stops cell division in targeted weeds and is the answer for several broadleaf weeds that glyphosate no longer controls. It may be applied by ground or aerial application, though aerial is prohibited in Arizona. Pyrimax is not currently labeled for use in California, but expected in time for the 2010 season.

Pyrimax may be used on a full range of cotton varieties, though caution is urged if Pyrimax is used post-emergence on Pima varieties.

Trimble Announces More Autopilot, EZ-Steer Platforms

Trimble has announced the latest additions to its Trimble AgGPS Autopilot platform kits for tractors, combines and sprayers, adding 110 new models of machines since August that are compatible with Trimble’s Autopilot system.

This brings total machines compatible with the hydraulically-controlled automated steering system to more than 450 models and more than 18 brands. The Trimble Autopilot system, which can be ordered on new tractors or retrofitted to a farmer’s existing machine, connects directly to the vehicle’s steering hydraulics to automatically guide the vehicle for maximum precision and increased productivity.

The addition of these new platform kits allows farmers more freedom to outfit their existing equipment with technology they may already have on another vehicle. It also provides an affordable option to update their current vehicles with the latest guidance technology rather than purchasing new vehicles in today’s economy.

For a full list of supported Autopilot platforms or for more information on EZ-Steer system, go to the Trimble Website at www.trimble.com/agriculture/guidance.aspx.

Onset Now Offering Wireless Sensors

Onset Computer Corporation, the HOBO data logger company, has recently announced the HOBOnode Series, a family of research-grade, wireless sensors for outdoor environmental monitoring.

Ideal for use in a broad range of applications, including agricultural research, crop management and ecology studies, HOBOnode sensors can transmit high-accuracy air temperature and soil moisture data to a PC several miles away without cables.

Accompanying software displays real-time graphs of environmental conditions, and can provide alarm notifications via text messaging and email when conditions exceed set thresholds.

Visit http://www.onsetcomp.com for complete pricing details and technical specifications.

Valley Irrigation Introduces New Line Of Products To Deter Copper Thefts

Valley Irrigation, a technology leader in precision irrigation, is introducing a line of products under the new CableGuard umbrella. The products are designed to help prevent the theft of copper wiring from irrigation equipment.

According to Rich Panowicz, manager, Valley aftermarket sales and product management for Valmont Irrigation, the line of CableGuard products is designed to fit any producer’s budget and operation. Six products will be introduced between November 2008 and January 2009.

“We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, so we’d like producers to think of the product offerings as a menu and work with their Valley dealers to determine what’s best for them,” Panowicz says. “One producer may be perfectly happy with the heavy duty span cable clamps. Another producer may want the heavy duty mesh, cable armor and monitoring equipment.”

For more product information, visit www.ValleyIrrigation.com.

AGCO Opening New Facilities For Tractor Manufacturing

Building on a commitment to quality, and in an effort to streamline logistics for their dealer network, AGCO Corporation has built and opened three new tractor assembly centers in the United States.

These centers are located near major ports and close to markets with high demand for tractors manufactured and marketed by AGCO.

The three new assembly centers, located near Baltimore, Md.; Houston, Texas; and Tacoma, Wash., are completed and currently taking tractor and parts inventory from AGCO manufacturing facilities around the world for the AGCO, Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra brands.

“Our goal is to react to our dealers’ needs, and subsequently their customer needs on a timelier basis,” says Bill Kaltenberg, Director of Operations. “It also allows us the flexibility to make configuration changes to better serve our customers’ needs in a rapidly changing market.”

For more information about AGCO, visit www.agcocorp.com.

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