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Consultants Prove Their Worth

By Tommy Horton

Cotton consultants have always played an important role in helping farmers make the right decisions during the season. Talk to any farmer, and he’ll tell you that he could hardly get along without the valuable recommendations he receives from this person.

Not surprisingly, it appears that the consultant’s role is now even more important in this age of exploding technology. With additional information needed to make an informed decision, farmers lean on these trusted friends year-round.

At last month’s Beltwide Cotton Conferences in Nashville, Tenn., that fact came through loud and clear. For the first time in history, the conference devoted a special session to consultants in an effort to keep this group more informed on every aspect of cotton production.

This event was long overdue, and the reaction we’ve heard from consultants who attended was overwhelmingly positive. If it sounds like we’re tooting the horn for consultants, we make no apologies whatsoever. This is a group that Cotton Farming has had a long and historic relationship with for 26 years.

One of the highlights of the year for our magazine is having the opportunity to honor the Cotton Consultant of the Year with an award co-sponsored by Syngenta. We’re also glad that the rest of the industry now seems to appreciate what we’ve known for a long time. Consultants are the behind-the-scenes heroes in the trenches with the farmer every day.

They are the eyes and ears for a farmer. We know that other segments of the industry make significant contributions to farmers, and this in no way minimizes what agronomists, entomologists, Extension specialists and others do during the year.

The consultant, however, has to be everything rolled into one. He is the first line of defense in dealing with a crisis in the field. He’s the answer man who can make several phone calls and be ready with a quick recommendation after conferring with other consultants.

That’s why it was with a real sense of pride when we honored another consultant in Nashville and had a chance to reconnect with previous winners of the Cotton Consultant of the Year award. These are special people who are part of a fraternity committed to one goal – helping farmers achieve profitability.

That feeling was certainly obvious at the Beltwide reception honoring Danny Moore of Marion, Ark., as the 2007 winner. The event reminded us once again how fortunate farmers are to have these men as partners during a long crop season.

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