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Texas Seed Company Changes Name

Seed Tec Genetics, a cottonseed company based in Bishop, Texas, has announced that it is changing its name to Seed Source Genetics.

The company, known primarily for the cold-tolerant seed varieties it markets, will offer six varieties for 2009. Most are adaptable for northern parts of the Belt where cold-tolerant traits are needed in cotton production.

For more information about Seed Source Genetics, interested parties can contact Ed Jungmann in Bishop, Texas, at (361) 584-2192 or (361) 548-7560.

T & L To Launch New Irrigation System

T and L Irrigation Co., manufacturer of hydrostatically powered pivot and linear irrigation systems, has announced the launch of its ULTRA Linear System designed to maximize irrigated areas using one machine.

The ULTRA can operate in a variety of orientations, allowing it to adapt to differing field layouts. When in its Linear Mode, the system uses furrow, cable, concrete ditch or buried wire to guide the system laterally. When in its Pivot Mode, the spans rotate around a stationary 4-wheel tractor pivot point, enabling adjacent parallel fields to be irrigated with one system.

Water supply options in the system include drag hose, side ditch or straddle ditch configurations.

T & L’s hydrostatic drive moves the system continuously, resulting in precise water distribution, which contributes to improved crop production. Contact the company at (800) 330-4264 or sales@tlirr.com. Visit the Web site at www.tlirr.com.

Monsanto Sponsoring Scholarship Program

The future of the U.S. cotton industry continues to rely on new talents and fresh perspectives. To keep bright young minds involved in cotton, Monsanto is creating the Deltapine Class of ‘09 scholarship program. The program will award nine $1,000 college scholarships to high school students in the class of ’09 who are interested in a career in cotton.

“We are focused on agriculture and the innovations that will improve farming now and into the future,” says Brad Godwin, Deltapine cotton marketing manager.

The scholarships will be awarded to nine students whose essays best express “My Future in Cotton.” Eligibility requirements include: High school seniors who will graduate in 2009 with plans to enroll in a full-time undergraduate accredited 2- or 4-year college or university with the intent to engage in a course of study related to agriculture or agribusiness.

Winners will be announced on Jan. 6, 2009, at the Beltwide Cotton Conferences in San Antonio, Texas.

USDA Approves Farm Program Rules

The Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) has approved new regulations for implementing cotton programs authorized by the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008.

These regulations govern several programs for the 2008 through 2012 crops of upland and extra-long staple (ELS) cotton, specifically marketing assistance loans (MAL) and loan deficiency payments (LDP); recourse seed cotton loans; and the ELS cotton competitiveness payments.

The regulations also provide for a new program of economic assistance payments to domestic cotton users for upland cotton bales used starting Aug. 1, 2008.

These regulations implement new statutory requirements for the ongoing MAL and LDP programs. Starting with the 2008 crop, loan rate adjustments for location are eliminated for upland cotton and other minor rate adjustments for leaf and micronaire are incorporated.

California To Host Cotton Conference

Registration is now open for the 2009 Central Coast Cotton Conference. The sixth annual meeting will be held Jan. 21-23, 2009, at The Cliffs Resort in Pismo Beach (formerly Shell Beach), Calif. The annual conference is the only meeting that focuses on California cotton production and is a continuing education course for pest control advisors and agronomists.

Producers and pest control advisors who register for the conference by Dec. 31, 2008, will be entered into a drawing for a free trip to the conference. The free trip includes registration and two nights lodging at The Cliffs Resort. To qualify, registrants must complete their registration by Dec. 31, 2008, by registering online at www.cottonconference.com or by calling (805) 239-8200.


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