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Archives - 2012 & Earlier

December 2012
A Volatile Market
Good Yields Expected In Southeast
USDA Assisting In Hurricane Relief
Calif. Voters Defeat Food Label Initiative
What Customers Want
Farmers Affected By 'Fiscal Cliff'
Japanese Retailers Like U.S. Cotton
Congress Urged To Move Fast On Crucial Issues
Researchers' Objective: Control Lygus Problem
Ginning Marketplace
Need An App For Insecticide Spray?
UC-Davis Scientist Awarded Special Grant
Editor's Note
Industry Comments
Cotton Consultants Corner
Web Poll
Cotton's Agenda
Industry News
Specialists Speaking
My Turn

November 2012
2013 Seed Variety Guide
Ag Secretary Wants Support For Farm Exports
The Last Crop
What Customers Want: Quality Is Key In Cotton Textile Value Chain
Harvest Progressing Well In SJV Region
Conventional Varieties Prove Their Worth
California Farm Bureau Receives Top Honor
Ginning Leader Valco Wins Award
AFBF Joins Lawsuit Against EPA
BWCC To Host Consultants Again
Editor's Note: Was It A Perfect Field Of Cotton
Cotton Consultants Corner: Goal Is ‘ To Make Every Dollar Count’
Web Poll: Price: No. 1 Influencer For 2013 Cotton Acres
Cotton's Agenda: Ensuring Voice And Vision
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Gins Doing Excellent Job Of Controlling Dust
Specialists Speaking: Early Harvest Reports Positive Across Belt
My Turn: Blue Skies And White Cotton
Industry News

October 2012
Texas Comeback
Western Ginners Try To Protect Fiber Quality
USDA Offers Help To 22 States
What Customers Want: Quality Must Be A Priority For Producers
USDA Plans Regional Drought Meetings
Editor's Note: Texas Strategy: Survive The Drought
Cotton Consultants Corner: Water Chased The Crop Dollars In Texas Panhandle
Web Poll: Poll Participants Rate 2012 Crop
Cotton's Agenda: An Intelligent Investment
Specialists Speaking: Producers Optimistic About Harvest
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Precautions Necessary For Handling Round Modules
My Turn: Is Washington Listening?

September 2012
Missouri Gin Committed To Quality
Cotton School Creates Career Opportunities
What Customers Want: Mills Expect Better Quality For Cotton
Southern Ginners Adjust To New Environment
Learning Experience
Cottonseed Oil Has The ‘Right Taste’
Editor's Note: Ginners Adapting To New Challenges
Cotton Consultants Corner: Dealing With Details
Web Poll: 2008 Farm Bill Extension Anticipated
Cotton's Agenda: Striving For Zero Tolerance
Specialists Speaking: This Year's Crop Overcame Heat, Drought
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Drought May Affect Fiber Properties At Gin
My Turn: Saying Good-bye

August 2012
Managing For Earliness
High Hopes For TCGA
What Customers Want
New Mexico’s Research Has Rich History
Many Factors Affect Cotton Demand
Editor's Note: What's Really Beautiful? A Bloom In June
Web Poll: 2011 Vs. 2012: Crop Progress Report
Cotton's Agenda: Promoting The Positives
Specialists Speaking: Crop Inches Closer To Defoliation
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Major Ginning Priority: Keep The Cotton Clean
My Turn: The Long Journey

July 2012
Water Efficiency
What Customers Want
Sensor-Based Irrigation Proves Its Worth
Insect Control Strategies Are Crucial<
Editor's Note
Cotton's Agenda
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: Urban Versus Rural

June 2012
Solar, Wind Energy – Ag's Next Big Frontier?
What Customers Want
Early Season Vigor Minimizes Pest Problems
Alternative Energy Options Limited In West
Editor's Note
Web Poll
Cotton's Agenda
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: Living In The Delta

May 2012
Tankmix Options
TCGA Optimistic About 2012 Season
What Customers Want: Textile Supply Chain Needs Effective Strategies
How To Combat Early Season Thrips
FFA Chapters Win Video Contest
Cotton Incorporated Launches New TV Ads
Editor's Note: War On Weeds Continues To Rage
Cotton's Agenda: A Hazy Outlook
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: It’s Never Too Late To Learn About Ginning
My Turn: Riding Into Town

April 2012
Rep. Stephen Fincher (R-Tenn.)
What Customers Want
Preparation Is Key To Insect Pest Control
Wheat-Cotton Makes Money
Web Poll: Mobile Devices On The Turnrow
Cotton Board Discusses Priorities At Meeting
Cotton's Agenda
Calif. Regulators To Target Farms
Editor's Note
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: California's Water Wars

March 2012
Texas Turnaround
What Customers Want: Home Textile Market Needs Cotton Quality
TCGA: Want To Gin Smarter? Get An iPhone
Web Poll: Weed Control Confidence Growing
Trait Technology Approved
Cotton's Agenda: Rationale For Reality
Research Continues On Root Rot Problem
Attractive Jobs Await Ag Grads
USDA Offers More Online Tools To Farmers
A Tug Of War At 90 Cents
Producers, Landowners Ready For CRP Signup
How Will Peanuts Fit Into Arkansas Crop Mix?
California Wants Immigration Solutions
Farm Bureau Families Donate Food For Needy
Georgia’s Coley Elected NCC Chairman
China, U.S. Sign Ag Agreement
Editor's Note: Industry Leaders Deliver For Texas
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: More than One Way To Skin a Cottonseed
My Turn: Going Home

TCGA Schedule of Events
High Tech In Texas
Barry Street, President
Phil Hickman, Ginner of the Year
TCGA Scholarship Program Continues To Thrive
Dan Jackson, Incoming TCGA President
Q&A: Lee Tiller Stays Optimistic About The Future
Cotton Farming, TCGA – A Special Partnership
Overton Hotel Will Serve As TCGA’s Headquarters
TCGA Exhibitors & Booth Numbers
Exhibit Hall Map
Trust Completes Another Successful Year
TCGA Officers and Directors
Gin Courses Appeal To Bigger Audience
What To Do In Lubbock
Plains Cotton Growers
TCGA Staff
Tiller To Lead NCGA In 2012

February 2012
Father-Son Approach Works For Taylor Farm
TCGA Outlook – More Technology, Better Crop
World Ag Expo – 45 Years Of Success
If A Variety Fits, Plant It
USDA Supports Renewable Energy Projects
More Regulations Unnecessary
Mid-South Farm Show Still Growing After 60 Years
Cotton Research Makes Significant Breakthrough
U.S. Agriculture – A True Success Story
Cotton's Agenda: Tenuous Timetable
Western Producers Reduce Insect Costs
Early Identification Of Leaf Spot Is Crucial
Vietnam Represents Market For U.S. Cotton
Even Equipment Dealers Watch The Skies
Vilsack Praises American Farmers
Industry Prepares For Elections, Farm Bill
USDA Closures Affect California Cotton
USDA Awards New Grants For Studying Water Quality
Bayer Launches Two New Varieties
National Agriculture Day To Be Celebrated In Washington
Web Poll: Current Estate Tax Policy Faces Sunset
What Customers Want: It Matters What Your Customers Want
Editor's Note
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: Survival Plan

January 2012
Looking Ahead
Big Questions
Finding Solutions
Safety Net
Variety Data Must Be Studied
Riverside Farmer Wins Special Award
Estate Tax Issue Crucial For California Farms
USDA To Help Restore Gulf Coast
Navy Announces Purchase Of Biofuel
Deltapine Launches Three New Varieties
Back To Drawing Board For Farm Bill Debate
Record Floods Presented Challenge To Agricenter
Mid-South Farmers Forge On Despite 2011 Adversity
CFBF Group Completes Special Class
New Arkansas Gin Gains Global Reputation
Kansas State Students Embrace Cotton Class
Old Gins Have A Special Charm
American Ag Provides Array Of Food Choices
Energy Grants Help Rural Areas
AFBF Files Comments On Child Labor
Web Poll: Price Still Drives Cotton Acreage
Cotton's Agenda
What Customers Want
Publisher's Note
Editor's Note
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: Fighting Harder

December 2011
It Was A Year Unlike Any Other
Despite Volatile Season, Outlook Is Optimistic
After Record Drought, Texas Hopeful About 2012
Can We Do Anything About The Weather?
South Georgia Crop – Rough Start, Great Finish
Research Priorities Are Changing
Labor Issues Remain Crucial For Industry
Residual Herbicides Effective On N.C. Pigweed
Another Option For Producers – Conventional Cotton
Commodity Groups Want Fairness In Bill
Farm Bureau Unhappy With EPA
Asia Pacific Region – Key Market For U.S. Ag
BWCC Ginning Conference Features High-Tech Applications
California Producers Hurry To Finish Harvest
USDA Seeks Help For Arizona Rural Areas
FSA Begins Task Of County Committee Elections
California County Farm Bureaus Honored
CFBF Adds Field Rep To Staff
Web Poll: Conventional Back In The Mix
Cotton's Agenda
What Customers Want
Editor's Note
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: The Changing Landscape

November 2011
Seed Decisions – Every Year Is Different
It’s Time To Make Crucial Decisions
Companies Unite On Weed Issue
California Farmers Want GPS Systems Protected
Consultants Conference Continues To Thrive
Under Armour, Cotton – A Special Partnership
California Farm Bureau Welcomes Trade Pacts
Managing Risk
Let's Get Back To Basics
Vilsack Issues Call For Young Farmers
Chinese Scientists Visit Georgia
U.S. Cotton Quality Continues To Improve
Landscape Has Changed For Varieties
Web Poll: Drought Affects Fall Burndown
Cotton's Agenda
Crop Insurance – An Important Tool
What Customers Want
Editor's Note
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
My Turn: In Search Of A ‘Normal Year’

October 2011
On With Harvest
Hurricanes, Tropical Storms Hurt And Helped Cotton
Congress Introduces Bills On Farm Labor
USDA To Help Create Rural Jobs
Veteran Consultants Have Seen It All
New Mexico Supports Glandless Cotton Research
Success In South Texas
Energy Mandates Cause Rush For Farmland
U.S. Can Solve Financial Problems
Web Poll: Drought Breaks Records, Tests Spirits
Cotton's Agenda
USDA, FDA Offer Flood Relief To Farmers
What Customers Want
Editor's Note
Cotton Consultants Corner
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
Industry News
My Turn: Texas Tough

September 2011
Ginning Tradition
Texas Father-Son Duo Learns To Grow Cotton
Q&A: Mid-South Ginners Upbeat About Future
Cotton School Stresses Importance Of Quality
Web Poll: Weed War Remains A Work In Progress
Cotton's Agenda
Cotton Board
What Customers Want
Editor's Note
Cotton Consultants Corner
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
Industry News
My Turn: Keeping The Faith

August 2011
Miracle Crop
Gin Schools Finish Successful Year
Managing Heat-Stressed Cotton
Central Texas Producers Visit Delta
TCGA Prepares For Challenging Season
Web Poll: The Heat Is On, Moisture Is Scarce
Cotton's Agenda
What Customers Want
Editor's Note
Cotton Consultants Corner
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
Industry News
My Turn: How Things Have Changed

July 2011
Water Wars
Water Irrigation Monitoring Systems Show Promise
Need To Water? Ask MIST
Nomination Form: Cotton Consultant of the Year
Web Poll: Readers Discuss 2012 Farm Bill Issues
Big Plans For Lubbock Ag Museum
Cotton's Agenda: Fingertip Control
What Customers Want
Editor's Note
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
Industry News
My Turn: Importance Of Paperwork

June 2011
Familiar Insect Pests Haven’t Gone Away
Pest Damage Still A Concern
‘Good Bugs’ Forage For Cotton’s Bad Guys
Understanding Data Crucial In GPS
Web Poll: Cotton’s 2011 Logistical Challenges
Cotton's Agenda: Delivering Early And Often
What Customers Want
Editor's Note: Drought, Floods Test Farmers’ Patience
Industry Comments
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Consultants Corner: Stream Of Consciousness
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
Industry News
My Turn: Feeling Lucky

May 2011
Cotton Seedlings Need A Strong Start
Western Farmers Cope With Air Quality Issues
TCGA Looks Ahead To Promising New Season
High Prices Create Excitement In Georgia
Texas FFA Chapter Wins Video Contest
California Water Debate Rages On
TCGA Scholarship Fund Increases
Cotton's Agenda: Regulatory Restraint
What Customers Want: India’s Mills Must Import Cotton To Meet Demand
Cotton Board: Listening To The Producer
Editor's Note: Another Memorable Trip To Lubbock
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace
  Fiber Properties Are Important – Ginners Need To Do Their Part
My Turn: You Have Skin In The Game

April 2011
Timing Is Everything When Planting
Ag Secretary Pushes For Export Increase
Organic Crops Face Budget Cuts
Passion For Cotton Thrives In West Texas
Temik Shortage Poses Problems For Producers
‘Walking In The Shadow Of Giants’
Cotton's Agenda: Developing Demand
What Customers Want: Chinese Mills Demand Quality In Their Cotton
Editor's Note: Remembering A Special Trip To Japan
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Irrigation Helps Sustain Profitability
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: The 3 Cs Of Cotton Modules
Industry News
Cotton Consultants Corner: An Open Mind & Positive Outlook
My Turn: What’s Old...Is Now New

March 2011
Cotton – Charting New Waters
   • Bob McLendon
   • Kenneth Hood
   • Bill Lovelady
   • Dennis Palmer
   • Chart: U.S. & World Cotton – By The Numbers
Increased Capacity Helps Texas Ginners
Cotton's Agenda: Don’t Miss Those Deadlines
Greenhouse Gas Debate Continues
Don’t Mess With West Texas...Varieties
Pigweed Hits North Alabama
Air Quality Rules Help Farmers
Ginning In The West Continues To Change
Calif. Ag Summit Focuses On Key Industry Issues
What Customers Want: Today’s Consumer Won’t Accept Poor Quality
Cotton Board: Enemy Becomes Friend
Missouri’s Parker Elected Chairman Of NCC For 2011
Editor's Note: Want Some Advice? Talk To A Farmer
Industry Comments
Web Poll: ‘Combo’ Approach For Weed Control
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Don’t Wait Too Long To Schedule Gin Repairs
Industry News
Cotton Consultants Corner: ‘Don’t Wait Too Late’
My Turn: A Fond Farewell

TCGA Schedule of Events
President's Report
TCGA’s ‘Ginner of the Year’
Scholarship Awards Announced
Trust Continues Profitable Trend In 2010
Incoming TCGA President
Q&A with Jim Bradford
TCGA Exhibitors and Booth Numbers
CF / TCGA Alliance
Civic Center Map (PDF)
TCGA Staff
NFL Referee To Address PCG Annual Meeting
TCGA’s New Home: Overton Hotel
TCGA Officers/Directors
What To Do In Lubbock
Georgian To Lead National Cotton Ginners

February 2011
Tough Farmers
Record Prices Excite Texas Ginners
Multi-Option Program Begins At Burndown
Big Crowds Expected At California Show
USDA Increases Assistance To Military
Cottonseed Oil In Beignets?
New Calif. Ag Leader Earns Praise
Cotton's Agenda: Raising Beltway Awareness
What Customers Want: Fabric Quality Helps Deliver Best Garments
Farm Bureau Wants Safety Net
Value Of Foliar Feeding And Petiole Testing
Upbeat Mood Evident At BWCC In Atlanta
Mark Nemec — 2010 CCOY winner
California Ag Tries To Adjust To Budget Cuts
Mid-South Gin Show
Clinton, Stabenow To Speak At Ag Forum
Editor's Note: Memorable Road Trip To North Alabama
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Potential Effects Of 2010 Elections
Viewpoint: How Cotton Cleaned Up Its Act
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: BWCC Ginning Conference Discusses ‘Capacity Robbers’
Industry News
Cotton Consultants Corner: Variety Selection, Residuals Are Key
My Turn: A Year Of Changes

January 2011
Can The Perfect Storm Continue In 2011?
Price, Price & Price
SE Leaders Hoping Momentum Continues
Young Miss. Producer Has His Own Style
Better Climate Being Forecast For Trade Issues
Early Rains Helped Agricenter’s ‘10 Crop
Arkansas To Release New Variety
Gillon Excited About Returning To Industry
Cotton's Agenda: U.S. Cotton Capitalizing
Cotton Board: Knowing When To Quit
What Customers Want: Cotton Quality Can’t Be Ignored At Retail Level
Western Producers Need Specialized Varieties
Companies Help In War On Weeds
PCG’s Cottonseed Insurance Now Offered
Deltapine Launches Two New Varieties
California Farmers Working On Water Quality
Publisher's Note: Cotton’s Mission: Exceed Expectations
Editor's Note: Industry's Enthusiasm Hard To Contain This Year
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Reaction To Ag Apps For Cell Phones
Viewpoint: Want Cotton Quality? Go To Texas
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Know Your Ginning Costs: The Key To Survival
Industry News
Cotton Consultants Corner: Cotton Farming Never Stops
My Turn: Cotton People Won’t Quit

December 2010
The Farmer’s Best Friend?
Dynamic, Interactive Program Slated
It’s A ‘Cotton Year’ In North Georgia
Farm Bureau Urges Action On Tax Relief
Another Strategy For Battling Pigweed
Record Sign-up For Restoring Wetlands
USDA Announces Export Grants
Texas Crop May Barely Miss Record
Cotton's Agenda: Maintain The Momentum
Did Election Results Help California Farmers?
What Mills Want: India’s Global Brand Expands
Editor's Note: Just Another Crazy Year For Cotton
Web Poll: Readers Rate Impact Of Dollar Cotton
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Ginners Asking Questions About Leaf Grade And Trash
Industry News
Cotton Consultants Corner: 2010 – An End Of Season Review
My Turn: The Tie That Binds  

November 2010
Finding The Best Seed
2011 Seed Variety Guide
Lessons Learned From 2010
Plenty Of Choices For 2011 Season
Cotton's Agenda: Getting A Clearer Vision
Cotton Board Hires Gillon As President
More Uses Found For Cotton Plant
Producers, Ginners Confront Air Quality Issues
What Mills Want: India’s Global Brand Expands
Editor's Note: Seed Varieties Have Come A Long Way
Web Poll: Frustration Expressed
Specialists Speaking
Long-Term Storage At The Gin Requires Serious Commitment
Cotton Consultants Corner: Arkansas – ‘Man, What A Year’
My Turn: Embarking On A New Career  

October 2010
Delta’s Early Harvest Shows Good Potential
Manage Modules Properly For Quality & Efficiency
All Signs Point Toward Record Texas Crop
Cotton's Agenda: Staying on Top
What Mills Want: Quality Affects Fiber Decisions
Editor's Note: 2010 Harvest Season Feels A Bit Different
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: It’s Time To Get Ready For Round Modules At The Gin
Cotton Consultants Corner: Last Nail For The Boll Weevil
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Poll Says Crop Rocks
My Turn: Texas Ginners Gearing Up  

September 2010
The Kelley Family’s Goal – Ginning Excellence
Excessive Mid-South Temps Affect Crop
West’s Biggest Challenge? Finding Enough Water
Arkansas Embraces VR Technology
Producers Impressed By Tour Of Latin America
Is Georgia Ready To Pick Cotton First?
Cotton School Helps Merchants, Traders
Editor's Note: Burlison Gin Shows It’s A Family Business
Cotton's Agenda: Invaluable Investment
Overheard In Restaurant: “Make Mine Cottonseed”
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Managing Moisture At The Gin Is Crucial For Best Efficiency
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Spotlight On Weeds Early In The Season
My Turn: Constant Changes  

August 2010
Managing ‘May 50th’ Cotton Acres
SE Producers Adjusting To ‘Post-555 Era’
Editor's Note: Best Kept Secret? Missouri Cotton
Cotton's Agenda: A Prudent Priority
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: TCGA Concludes Successful Summer Meeting
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Variable Rate Interest Increases
My Turn: Breaking All The Rules

July 2010
Pesky Fleahopper Is Here To Stay
Tarnished Plant Bugs: Expanding The Playbook
New ‘Tool’ Can Help Manage Stink Bugs
Immigration Affects Industry
Editor's Note: Arkansas Amabassador — Andrew Whisenhunt
Cotton's Agenda: Keeping An Industry Viable
Cotton Board: New Tour Spotlights Younger Farmers
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Regional Ginning Reports
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Regulatory Threats Burden Producers
My Turn: Promise Of Better Days

June 2010
High Plains Goal: Managing Ogallala Aquifer
U.S. Cotton Prospects Strong In Vietnam
Variable Rate Irrigation: Worth Another Look
AIM For Water Conservation
It Takes Flexibility To Farm In West Texas
Editor's Note: Our Water Sources Must Be Protected
Cotton's Agenda: Arresting Resistance
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Ginners Marketplace: Enrollment May Increase At Stoneville Gin School
Industry Comments
Web Poll: In Reader Poll, Buy-Up Bypasses CAT
My Turn: Papa’s Bell

May 2010
Back To Cotton
CF Magazine Becomes Ginners’ Main Resource
Mid-South Producers Dodge A Bullet
TCGA Concludes ‘Upbeat’ Meeting
Wet Winter Hurts Weed Control
Editor's Note: Another Chance To Serve The Industry
Cotton's Agenda: Striking The Right Balance
Cotton Board: Roller Ginning Aims To Preserve Quality
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Residual Herbicides Called A ‘Necessity’
My Turn: Keep Looking Ahead

April 2010
‘All In The Family’
How Low Can We Go?
GPS Systems Improve Accuracy Of Applications
Farmers Need To Understand Insurance Options
Don’t Skimp On Early Season Inputs
Technology Helps Cotton Flow
Editor's Note: The Family Farm Links All Generations
Cotton's Agenda: Eradication, Research Vital
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Industry News
Web Poll: Great Expectations For 2010 Yields
My Turn: Newfound Optimism

March 2010
Childers, Neugebauer Seek Common Ground
TCGA Opens Doors For Students
Hiring Ag Workers Becomes More Difficult
Pros And Cons Of Early Planting
NCC Critical Of Obama Budget Proposal
Texas Will Challenge EPA’s Recent Actions
Texan Eddie Smith To Lead NCC
Editor's Note: Making The Case For Bipartisanship
Cotton's Agenda: Acting On Regulatory Threats
Specialists Speaking
Research Projects -- A Major Priority
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Land-Care Programs
My Turn: Charting A New Course

TCGA Schedule of Events
Message From Tony Williams
TCGA’s ‘Ginner of the Year’
TCGA Exhibitors and Booth Numbers
President's Report
Plains Cotton Growers Annual Meeting
Scholarship Awards Announced For 2009-2010
Incoming TCGA President
Trust Enjoys Profitable 2009 Season
TCGA Officers & Directors

Febrauary 2010
Looking Ahead
New Textile Mill Up & Running
Optimism Abounds Prior To TCGA Meeting
Precision Ag Shows It Can Work In Southeast
CF Web Site Has A New Look
Texas Producer Stays Faithful To Cotton
Townsend Honored As CCOY
Arizona Research Agronomist Feaster Receives Genetics Award
Sen. Lincoln To Visit Memphis
Cotton Finds A New Use In Wall Covering
Editor's Note: Larry McClendon’s Memorable Journey
Cotton's Agenda: Rules Should Reflect The Law
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Reader Says, ‘SURE In A Mess’
My Turn: Reality Check

January 2010
Is Comeback Inevitable?
Futures Market, Rotation Positive For Cotton
Increase Expected In Southeast Acres
California Farmers Need Reliable Water Supply
Weather Events Affected 2009 Cotton Crop
New Varieties Show Promise
California Cotton Bounces Back
Cotton Finds A New Use In Wall Covering
Publisher's Note: Learning Lessons From The Past
Editor's Note: When Prices Improved, Producers Responded
Cotton's Agenda: Raise Your Conservation IQ
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Multiple Factors Affect Clear Vision
My Turn: Cotton’s Rebound In Georgia

December 2009
Cotton Delivers
Seeking Help From Capitol Hill
Irrigation...It’s All About Timing
Production Conference: Smorgasbord Of Topics
World Ag Expo Honors Ten New Products
It Pays To Work With Your Lender
Leaf Spot Problem Increases In Georgia
Fall Burndown Helps Control Pigweed
Editor's Note: Looking Back On An Unusual Season
Cotton's Agenda: Active In All Arenas
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: ‘Dance With The One That Brung Ya’
My Turn: Congregating At The Gin

November 2009
2010 Seed Variety Guide
All-New Gin Boasts Highest Capacity In Texas
It’s All About Options When Choosing Varieties
Cotton Board: Conventional Varieties Show Promise
Meredith To Deliver Special Report
Seed Companies Ready For Business
Gin Waste, Cottonseed Can Improve Profits
Calif. Governor Ready To Deal With Water Crisis
Editor's Note: Allied Partners Stay Committed To Cotton
Cotton's Agenda: Proven And Practical
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Readers Rate Crop ‘Good To Fair’
My Turn: Past Evokes Cotton’s Resurgence

October 2009
Record Yields In SW Ark.?
Consultants’ Conference Returns To BWCC
Perfecting The Art Of Harvest
Let’s Keep Improving
Improving Efficiency, Reducing Costs At The Gin
Editor's Note: Loyalty To Cotton Is Rewarded
Cotton's Agenda: A Complicated Chronology
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Interest Leans To Increased Irrigation
My Turn: Lessons Learned On The Farm

September 2009
Be Prepared Before Ginning Starts
Cotton Board: Special Campaign Brings Consumers Closer To Cotton
10 Picker Pointers
Viewpoint: The Good Old Days Of Weed Control
N.C. Producers Face Big Challenges, Small Fields
Editor's Note: Spreading The Word About Cotton
Cotton's Agenda: Contemplating Conservation
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Court Denies Request For Rehearing
My Turn: A Resilient Industry

August 2009
Face To Face
Producers, Ginners Have One Goal: Quality
New ‘Education’ For Arkansas Farmer
Weather Dictates Late Crop Harvest Strategies
Editor's Note: Blanche Lincoln: Ag’s Loyal Supporter
Cotton's Agenda: Costs Outweigh Benefits
Specialists Speaking
Industry News
Industry Comments
Web Poll: In Cotton Country, DCP Trumps ACRE
My Turn: Only in Calee-fornia

July 2009
Pesky Spider Mites Won’t Go Away
Stay In Front Of The Eight Ball
Thrips Control Helps Root Development
July – A Time For Field Days
Spider Mite Research Goes Multi-State
Editor's Note: Rural America Must Be Protected
Cotton's Agenda: No Ill-Advised Changes
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Compensating For Late Planting
My Turn: High On Cotton

June 2009
Precision Irrigation Leads To Efficiency
Exploring The Benefits Of Baled Poultry Litter
Furrow Irrigation Helps Conserve Water
SE Producers Aware Of Irrigation’s Impact
Miss. Flood Project May Be Revived
Grain Storage Solutions Are ‘In The Bag’
Texas Producers Cope With Drought
Attack Plant Bugs Early And Often
Texas Tech Launches New Fabric Laboratory
Editor's Note: Conserving Water – A Priority For Farmers
Viewpoint: U.S. Cotton’s Future Tied To Quality
Cotton's Agenda: Cotton Must Be Equal
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Soil Testing Called A ‘Given’
Industry News
My Turn: A Painful Ailment

May 2009
Did Acreage Shifts Teach Us Anything?
Battle Continues On Resistant Pigweed
Early Management Keeps Cotton Healthy
Surviving And Thriving
USDA Tries To Spur Growth In Rural Areas
Technology Gift Helps Cotton Research
It’s Time To ‘Zone In’ On Nematodes
TCGA Optimistic About ‘09 Season
Editor's Note: Industry Diversity Helps Solve Problems
Cotton Board: Drip Irrigation
Cotton's Agenda: The Landscape Has Changed
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Residual Herbicides Take Top Spot
Industry News
My Turn: Remembering A Friend

April 2009
Charles Parker’s Goal — Best Cotton Quality
N Sources, On-The-Go Sensors Reduce Costs
Exercise Caution On Seeding Rates
Ga. Gins, Producers Win Quality Awards
USDA Delivers Stimulus Funds
Producers Adopting New Seed Traits
Editor's Note: Real Optimism Is Alive And Well
Cotton's Agenda: Stabilize...Not Weaken
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: New Varieties: Great Expectations
Industry News
My Turn: Surviving Changes

March 2009
Eyes Of The World Are On Texas
Q&A: Ginner Ron Craft Sees Better Days Ahead
Texas Ready To Become ‘Cotton Central’ In ‘09
Steady Focus
How Important Is Texas To U.S. Cotton Production?
Renewable Energy Is The American Way
Ag Census Shows Increase In Farms
Earlier Planting Date Has Many Benefits
Editor's Note: Texas Industry Delivers Again
Cotton's Agenda: True To The Letter?
Specialists Speaking
Cotton Board: Hydro-Mulch Helps Grass Stand Tall
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Identifying Impact Of New Farm Law
Industry News
My Turn: It’s Just Around The Corner

TCGA Annual Meeting & Trade Show:
Schedule of Events
Welcome To Lubbock
Ginners of the Year
President's Report: David Wyatt
Incoming President: Keith Mixon
Plains Cotton Growers, Inc. 52nd Annual Meeting
Southwest Ginners School
Mississippian To Lead NCGA
TCGA Officers/Directors
TCGA Staff
Trust Celebrates 15th Anniversary
CF, TCGA Continue Alliance
Lubbock Electric — 65 Years Of Service
Things To Do In Lubbock
List of Exhibitors/Booth Numbers

February 2009
Reliable Advice
TCGA Meeting To Focus On New Challenges
Cotton Quality Seminar
All Roads Lead To Memphis In February
N.Y. Cotton Field?
New Varieties Continue To Show Promise
USDA Rule Amends Popular EQIP Program
Farm Bureau Wants To Protect Ag Economy
In Case You Missed It...
Changes Sought In Land Law
Risk Management Proves Profitable
Cellulosic Ethanol Takes First Step
Early Decisions Crucial For Crop
Editor's Note: Work Never Stops At Wildy Farms
Cotton's Agenda: Decisive Diligence in ‘08
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Readers Weigh In On Politics & Farming
Industry News
My Turn: Tough Times Don’t Last

January 2009
Looking Ahead
Long Season Ends In Texas
The Big Decision<
CA Farmers’ Goal: Protecting Water Supply
How To Control Pigweed? Use Residual Herbicides
Cotton Channels
Industry Unites On Resistance Issue
NCC Wants Farm Law Implemented
Smaller Crop Affects Dairy Seed Supply
Publisher's Note: Cotton’s Best Friend? Today’s Technology
Editor's Note: Industry Needs Tools To Stay Competitive
Cotton's Agenda: Capturing A Vision
Cotton Board: Producer Survey Reveals Effort To Protect Wildlife
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Assess Technology’s Positive Impact
Industry News
My Turn: Things Have Changed

December 2008
Seed Variety Guide
Lots Of Options Await Producers in ‘09
Smart Choices
SE Producers Prepare For ‘Life After 555’
Preparing For Change
Editor's Note: Better Days Ahead For Cotton
Cotton's Agenda: Keeping Cotton Competitive
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Offshore Drilling – Help Down The Road?
Industry News
My Turn: Spring Is On The Way

November 2008
Mississippi Miracle
Fall Burndown Goal: A ‘Clean Spring’
Clean Cotton: A Win-Win For Everybody
Ag Ready To Deal With Global Money Crisis
Familiar Theme
Q&A: Jane Dever’s Goal – Excellence In Research
‘Not Afraid To Try’
Editor's Note: Mr. President, Don’t Forget Farmers
Cotton's Agenda: Maximizing The Return
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Equipment/Tools Wish List For ’09
Industry News
My Turn: Watershed Year

October 2008
Timely Harvest
Seed Value Increases
California Water Woes Persist
New Harvest Technology — A Major Breakthrough
Producers Seek Relief From Hurricane Damage
Editor's Note: Today’s Farmers Refuse To Quit
Cotton's Agenda: No Seat At The Table
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Rotation Benefits: Yea Or Nay?
Viewpoint: Lessons Learned from History
Viewpoint: Smart Insect Pest Strategies Pay Off
Industry News
My Turn: Dealing With Change

September 2008
Fiber Quality
True Loyalty
An Unlikely Pair
USDA Wants Better Rural Drinking Water
Southern Ginners Believe In Cotton’s Comeback
NC’s Charles Rose — A Resistance Fighter
Editor's Note: Fiber Quality – Still A Big Issue
Cotton's Agenda: Too Big A Price
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: ‘Significant’ Tankmix Savings Can Vary
Viewpoint: New Insect Problems Can Be Solved
Industry News
My Turn: A Lifetime In Cotton

August 2008
Farming’s Future
Half Empty Or Half Full?
Understanding China
Cotton And The Biofuels Craze
Evolution Of COTMAN
Many Factors Contribute To Short Fiber Content
Two Mid-South Events Highlight August Schedule
USDA Issues Direct Payments
Producers Appreciate BG II Natural Refuge
Editor's Note: Young Farmers Embrace Future
Cotton's Agenda: Better Transparency Needed
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: ’08 Crop Preliminary Ratings Across The Belt
Industry News
My Turn: Thinking Positive

July 2008
Protecting The Land
Manage For Earliness
Looking Ahead
Crucial Decisions
Producers Need Planting Flexibility
Cotton School Opens Doors To Careers
Stoneville, Milan Host Important Field Days
Georgia Dealing With Whitefly Problem
Cotton’s Future Hinges On Technology
Editor's Note: Farmers Have Always Protected The Land
Cotton's Agenda: Predictability And Potential
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Readers Rank Estate Tax Provisions
Industry News
My Turn: My Kind Of People

June 2008
Scouting Is Critical In Insect Management
Shifting Hosts
Consider All Options
Spider Mite Problem Still Exists In Mid-South
Expect The Unexpected With Stinkbugs
Turbulent Markets Challenging Farmers
Kenneth Hood – Cotton’s Eternal Optimist
Large Turnout Expected For Stoneville Gin School
Editor's Note: A Special Holiday Evokes Memories
Cotton's Agenda: A Logistical Nightmare?
Viewpoint: Winning The War On Insect Pests
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Insects, Weeds & Crop Mix Decisions
Industry News
My Turn: Full Circle

May 2008
Profitable Pima
Lofty Goals
Tricky Call
Healthy Seedlings Require Patience
Industry Trying To Save Lubbock Gin Lab
Reaping Rewards With Residuals
Cotton Board: Taking Denim Market By ‘Storm’
Cotton-Wheat Combo: A Race Against Time
Editor's Note: Belt’s Bright Spot? TX High Plains
Cotton's Agenda: A Pipeline To Prosperity
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Will Ag Get Lost In The Shuffle?
Industry News
My Turn: That Lovely Southern Accent

April 2008
Precision Ag Payoff
Research, Technology: Keys To Cotton’s Future
Protect Your Investment
Varying Fertilizer Rates May Not Affect Yields
Pleasing The Customer
The Importance Of Timing
USDA: Universal Standards Committee Chosen
Mid-South Priority: Fighting Plant Bugs
Farm Products Help Americans On Gas Costs
Editor's Note: Blimp Ride Creates Special Memories
Cotton's Agenda: The Proof’s In The Analysis
Viewpoint: Don’t Be Afraid Of New Tools
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Precision Ag Leads The Pack
Industry News
My Turn: Remembering Dad

March 2008
Pigweed War
Curtis Griffith Reflects On An Evolving Industry
It’s Time To Adopt Precision Technology
Rotate Responsibly
BG/RR Seed Timeline Should Help Southeast
Weed Resistance
NCC Annual Meeting: Looking Ahead
Georgia Producers Earn Quality Awards
Editor's Note: Ag Secretary Makes New Friends
Cotton's Agenda: Orchestrating The Outreach
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Web Poll: Congress & Prices Influence The Future
My Turn: Hunting Season

TCGA Annual Meeting & Trade Show
Schedule of Events
Message From Tony Williams
TCGA ‘Ginner Of The Year’
TCGA President’s Report
TCGA Incoming President
TCGA’s Officers and Directors
Plains Cotton Growers’ Annual Meeting
Southwest Ginners School
TCGA Staff

February 2008
Making A Difference
TCGA Meeting Reflects Importance Of Quality
It’s Show Time
Conservation Program To Protect Wildlife
John Pucheu Addresses BWCC In Nashville
West Texas Oil Fields Turn Into ‘White Gold’
Burndown Leads To Healthy Plants
Getting Creative
Farm Group Sends Strong Message About Ag
World Ag Expo Expands
CREP Program Continues Growth
Cottonseed Industry Making Big Comeback
Editor's Note: Consultants Prove Their Worth
Cotton's Agenda: Main Focus – Viable Access
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments - 2008 Issues
Industry Comments - Beltwide
Industry News
Web Poll: Info Seekers Swarm Winter Meetings
My Turn: Planning For The Future

January 2008
Cotton’s Road Map
Not Your Grandad’s Harvesters
Loyalty To Cotton Remains Strong
Can New Water Policy Affect Georgia Farmers?
Can Cotton Breeders Predict The Future?
California Considers Alternative Crops
California Cotton – Alive And Well
Cotton Sustainability: Protecting Market Gains
Fertilizer Expenses Keep Inching Up
Soil Management
South Georgia Farming – It’s A Way Of Life
Be Aggressive On Weed Resistance
Big Crop Helps Cottonseed Oil
Publisher's Note: Cotton Outlook — Very Promising
Editor's Note: Industry Support Evident Across Belt
Cotton's Agenda: Setting A New Standard
Viewpoint: It Pays To Be An Efficient Farmer
Specialists Speaking
Industry Comments
Industry News
Web Poll: Optimists Vocal Regarding ’08 Season
My Turn: Man’s Best Friend

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